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5 fun ways to use illustration on your wedding day!

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Since I launched my bespoke wedding stationery service officially at the start of 2022, I've been blown away by the creative, unique and playful ideas couples approach me with for their on the day stationery.

From custom menus to welcome signs, un-usual ideas for guest books, favours and much more... here's a run-down of a few of my favourites on the day wedding stationery ideas!

1. A bespoke welcome sign

Now, this is not your average welcome sign. This welcome sign was commissioned by the lovely Clare & James for their summer wedding in the Cotswolds, and it's a welcome sign that works for you and your guests- as well as being a fun and unique touch for your day!

One of the big things guests always want to know is what's happening and when... so what a great way to turn something practical into a fun feature. As big food and drink lovers C&J's sign featured lots of little illustrated edibles to walk guests through their day too and mostly importantly- let them know they were being fed and I think it's great!

2. Table plans

Table plans are one of those things that I've found most couple's dread. The admin, the politics of who sits next to who, the last-minute dropouts (hopefully not!) and they kind of suck the fun out of things but they are also one of the bits of stationery you can't reeeeally avoid, but don't despair I've got lots of tips on how to make them fun again!

As they are one part of the day that at some point everyone will need to look at, this also makes them a great opportunity to add a bit of colour and creativity! And they don't have to cost the earth. If you are commissioning me to create stationery and you have a theme running throughout, such a florals, or a venue portrait why not use it again here!

Once you've commissioned me to create you illustration, they are yours to use as much as you like throughout your day! That's why I put together a basic pricelist which you can download from my stationery page for 'on the day' staples such a table plans so you can get a quick idea on pricing for bits like this, check it out here.

3. Illustrated food and drink menus

Bespoke food and drink menus are fast becoming one of my favourite things to create for couples! As a food illustrator outside of my wedding stationery business it's been such a lovely, unexpected joy to be able to bring my love of drawing food and drink into my stationery! And why not!? Most couples I speak too are as excited about the food and drink as they are about the rest of the wedding and so it makes sense to celebrate that love for food and drink with illustration. Your stationery doesn't have to be all florals and pinks (although I'm here for that too if it's your vibe!) but it can be a colourful, fun, splashy celebration of food and drink instead.

4. Art for your guests to sign!

You heard me right! Don't get me wrong, I love a guest book, just like I love writing and receiving cards but how about this for a fun way to guests to leave their well wishes...

Lucy & Joe, who got married in France in June 2022, had already commissioned me to paint this Champagne bottle for their main stationery, and then they had the idea to use it again but this time as a print which their guests could sign and they could then frame! I love the talking point this idea provides which you don't get with a guest book too and the way it can become part of your wedding day decor as well as a keepsake after to hang on your wall!

5. Seed packet wedding favours

Wedding favours... to have them, to not have them? To make something, buy something...

Well Gemma & Daniel got it just right in my opinion, opting to give their guests a little packet of wildflower seeds. I designed a card to attached to their seeds packets which tied in with the rest of their dried flower theme stationery and made them a lovely addition to their table decor too.

The great thing about giving a packet of seeds is that they are easy for your guests to pop in their pocket and bag (or a day when you might not have a big bag with you!) and how lovely to give you guests something they can plant the following year as a reminder of your special day. I also love that should you have any left over after your wedding- you can just plant them yourself!


So, the biggest thing I've learnt in my first full year as an official wedding stationery supplier.... that each wedding really is completely unique.

There are thousands of ideas out there for your special day and whilst that might feel a bit overwhelming, I actually think it should feel liberating to think there are no rules, you can literally have anything you want.

If you've been inspired, you can see more of my bespoke stationery work here and if you'd like to book in for a free consultation to chat more about your ideas get in touch!

Photos courtesy of my couples and their photographers.

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