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In 2016 I travelled to Santa Lucia, in southern Spain, to take part in the Bee Time Residency, with seven other artists.

The region of Andalucía has a deep connection with beekeeping, dating back thousands of years. In times gone by, locals had hives built into their houses and keeping bees was as common as growing veg. Whilst such traditions are largely resigned to the past, there is now a movement to help revive this practice.

So the aim of our two-week residency was to learn about natural beekeeping and to promote this style over conventional practices. We were also tasked with raising awareness of the plight of the honeybee.

The residency culminated in an exhibition of artwork and performance. I contributed both illustrations and drawings – both for the final show and for use as marketing material. My work featured on flyers, postcards and t-shirts and has since been used to promote the importance of natural beekeeping.

_ artists-drawing-alfresco-in-spain-sara
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