Sarah Dowling is a Bristol based Artist and Illustrator.


Having trained as a Prop Maker, she has spent the majority of her 20s working in the world of theatre and set building. Keen to get back to her own work she set up business as an illustrator 2 years ago and begun using her illustration to design a range of homewares and prints.

Sarah's work focuses around her interest in the environment and sustainability issues. She is also a big fan of food! Especially when it is homegrown, produced or locally sourced!

"Illustration is such a useful tool for promoting a cause or issue. People don't always take the time to read an article or fully listen to debates, but I find illustrations often cut right to the heart of what is trying to be communicated. In that way that can be effective tool for so many projects and businesses as well as just being a beautiful and unique thing to look at!"

Her previous projects have included 'The Daily Catch' an exhibition and range of work looking at sustainable fishing in Cornwall. 'Bee Time' work revolving around promoting natural bee keeping in Andulacia Spain and beyond.

Her latest range of work explores Cheese Makers of the South West in conjunction with The Bristol Cheesemaker. As well as original paintings a range of kitchenware accompanies the work.

Her watercolour illustrations are available as a range of prints, cards and homeware products. She stock her work in Shops around the UK and sells online through Etsy.

Sarah has been commissioned for illustrated Wedding invites, maps, buillding portraits, children's book and murals. If you have a project you want to discuss- get in touch!

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see"