Welcome to my mural page! As an illustrator you can often be limited to your page or canvas but with a background in scenic painting for theatre and festivals I also enjoy working big! I love colourful, fun, interiors and murals are a great way to add something really unique and special to your home, business or office, and they aren’t just for kids (though I do love painting a nursery mural too!)

Inspired by nature and wildlife my murals tend to focus these themes as a start point but each mural is personal and really designed with the client’s style and space in mind. As a start point for clients interested in discussing mural the process begins with a free online meeting, where I really get to know you, your space, your style, colours, how you want your space to feel, as well as any ideas you already have, and then we go from there!


If you would like more information about murals or you would like to book an online consultation, get in touch!

Please note, though I am Bristol based I am happy to travel for larger walls or commissions.


"Sarah painted a stunning full-wall mural in my home office. We had a great discussion about the style I was after, as well as the inspiration for the mural (Longleat forest, just a few miles from my house). Sarah provided me with several excellent draft concepts for the mural, which she adapted and refined quickly in line with my feedback. She really grasped the style I was after, came with excellent suggestions for colour palette, and executed gorgeous pet-portraits of my two cats as a hidden facet within what is overall a woodland scene. The finished mural is such a talking point - guests and clients are always complimenting me on it, and it brings a smile to my face every time I walk up to the office. I'm delighted."


Katrina Ryan, Frome