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Rowdy robin ig 2.png

I was commissioned by the RSPB in the run up to CoP26 to create an easy how-to guide for people wanting to draw birds to add to their placards as part of the Global Day of action on November 2021.

People from all over the world are being asked to raise their voices together and protest for climate action during the CoP 26 meeting. As one of the largest wildlife conversation charities in the UK the RSPB are protesting in Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow and Belfast and inviting people to 'bring a bird'.


I was inspired in the spirit of protest to pick a garden bird who's not afraid to raise their voice and stand up for themselves and so create the idea of a 'Rowdy Robin' which participants could not only draw but also were able to add their slogan to so they were protest-ready!

The how-to guide it available as a downloadable guide on the RSBP's #MyClimateAction resource page as well as being used at live placard making events in the run up to CoP26.

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