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I was approached in the run up to International Dawn Chorus Day 2021 by wildlife filmmakers Nina Constable and Ben Porter, inventor of the ‘Plant Por Parabolic’ to create a fun, engaging, illustrated how-to-build guide for adults and children interested in nature who might want to join in with building their own parabolic.

The Plant Pot Parabolic is a giant listening device you can make easily at home with household objects that helps to amplify birdsong so that you can really listen and identity the birds and other wildlife in your local patch!

The illustrated guide was available as free download online and, in the run, up to International Dawn Chorus Day people were encouraged via social media to build their own parabolic in order to get out in nature and record the birdsong at dawn to contribute to a ‘Dawn Orchestra’ of birdsong around the UK that was complied by Nina.

The project and illustrated guide were featured by Chris Packham and Megan Mc Cubbin on Springwatch’s online channel and the guide and artworks were also included on the BBC Wildlife magazine online.

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