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Seafood Cornwall is a platform that promotes sustainable seafood practices both in the fishing and selling of seafood. They work to help consumers connect to, and support local fisherman and educate around sustainable fishing practices as well as the lives of those working in the fishing industry.

For their re-brand in 2019 I was commissioned by Mindfully Wired Communications to create a series of digital line illustrations of some of the local, sustainable, species of seafood they wanted to promote. The digital artworks were then taken by the creative team and web designer Ben Stones, teamed together with some of my watercolour splashes, to illustrate the website and social media channels.

In additional to this project during the 2020 lockdown in the UK, the Mindfully Wired team seat about launching in a matter of weeks the #FishToYourDoor campaign. Helping to support fisherman affected by the close in restaurants by pairing them up with customers across the UK who wanted to buy fresh fish and seafood. I was proud once again for these illustrations to be used to promote other small businesses.

Edible Crab Black.png
_ Seafood-cornwall-illustrated-digital-r
Pollock Black_edited.png
Mackerel Black_edited.png
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