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How to create Wedding Stationery with personality...

Custom illustrations and watercolour wedding stationery is tipped to be one of the biggest trends for 2024 weddings according to Rock My Wedding's 2024 trend report.

And it's not just Rock my Wedding who are predicting personalisation is going be a big trend, I was recently asked to contribute to Somerset and Bristol Wedding magazine's 'Hot Topic' of the month which was all about how to add that personal touch to your day.

All of which means, you've come to the right place if your looking to go bespoke for your wedding stationery!

Going bespoke for your wedding stationery is such a great way to add personality to your wedding day and help share your story as a couple but sometimes it's hard to know where to start - here are a couple of tips and prompts for how to bring your stationery to life with bespoke touches.

Setting the scene...

Often your wedding stationery is the first impression your guests get of your plans when they receive your invite or save the date in the post, so it’s really important that it reflects you as a couple and the tone you want to set for your day.

Taking inspiration from the location is always a great option, could you include a venue or view illustration to literally 'set the scene'? Or perhaps you want reflect more the season you are getting married by including seasonal flowers, foliage and colour palettes.

If your getting married abroad it can be really fun to bring in little touches of that place in via the illustrations to give a feel for the location! Perhaps a more vibrant colour palette, or a nod to some of the local architecture or food and drink. Or if you've got lots of information and multiple locations you need to share with your guest, a bespoke map could be a good idea for communicating that information visually and giving a sense of the place they are going to be celebrating with you.

Think too about what kind of day your wedding is going to be for your guests and how want to show that through the invites, is the focus on the ceremony which is happening is a special location, if so maybe that's the illustration you go for. Or perhaps it's all about the dinner and the amazing wine list so let's celebrate that with through your stationery.

Along with the illustrations, design is key to conveying the kind of wedding you are having. If you have a very traditional, elegant wedding, you might want a more 'formal' invitation with multiple separate elements such as RSVP for guests to return. Or if you're planning a more relaxed day why not go for something unexpected, such as a concertina invite, unusual shaped invitations, or even a bookmark save the date.

Sharing your story...

One of the things I love the most about working on people's wedding stationery is getting to know my couples and their story ad interests. Chatting to my couples about this can often bring out ideas for their stationery.

Here's some questions you could ask yourself to generate some ideas...

Did you meet in an unusual or exciting place?

Did you get engaged somewhere fabulous?

Where was your first or most memorable holiday together?

Where is home for both of you?

Do you have any aspects of your heritage you'd like reference?

Is there someone who will be missing you'd like to honour in some way on your day?

Do you have pets you'd like to include?

Is there a particular flower or plant that is meaningful to you?

What are your favourite foods and drinks?

What bit of the day are you looking forward to the most?

Do you have a favourite band, gig or song together?

Do you have any joint passions or hobbies?

Over the years I've created stationery that's included, loved pets, meaningful locations, first dates, favourite books and flowers, signature cocktails, footballers and even a whole Kipling themed table plan for a new Mr & Mrs Kipling!

I'm always up for new ideas, nothing is too 'out there' and I can't wait to see what 2024 's couples bring - book your free consultation here.

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